Susan Chapelle

Registered Massage Therapist
Healthcare Consultant

2018 Squamish Business Excellence Award Winner

Susan Chapelle is an EXPERT in resolving pain and dysfunction

With expertise in mechanistic science and three decades of hands-on experience nurturing patients to optimal health. Renowned for pioneering innovative startup ventures, shaping local politics, and effecting transformative change.

Welcome to Susan Chapelle Massage Therapy, where your comfort and well-being come first. Devoted to fostering relationships and creating positive outcomes, Susan leads with compassion and evidence-informed care to ensure your needs are met. With over 30 years of hands-on experience combined with a mechanistic neurobiology understanding, your treatment will educate and inform your daily activities. Join me on Lamb Avenue, where every massage is a step towards optimal well-being and a pain-free future.

  • 30+ Years of Experience
  • Post-Surgical Care
  • Adhesions and Scars
  • GERD and Digestive Issues
  • Researcher and Clinical Expertise
  • Breast Cancer Recovery
  • Education and Classes

Researcher and Mechanistic Science


"The old methodologies and paradigms need to shift with the growing body of literature on manual therapy and mechanistic research. I am excited to use scientific data to break through dated stigmas, clearing a path for access to standardized methodology and evidence-informed healthcare.'

Susan is a leader in wound healing and pain management, focusing on mechanistic research in manual therapy. As a researcher in the field of neurobiology, Susan has dedicated over 15 years to researching the soft-tissue healing mechanisms that allow better access to science-based manual therapy solutions.

Susan is opening Lamb Avenue Massage Therapy, a new Toronto clinic specializing in post-surgical care, cancer patients, pain management, musician's therapy, and repetitive strain injury treatment. Providing evidence-based treatments for those in need, Susan is excited to be working in a neighbourhood practice. Through her extensive peer-reviewed research, Susan has established herself as a leader in the field, advancing our understanding of pain mechanisms and post-surgical wound healing.

By applying her research to practical, science-based solutions, Susan aims to improve patient outcomes and provide innovative therapies that are effective and educational. 


Business Development, Partnerships & Operational Strategy

Susan is an entrepreneur and business expert that can help your company understand future markets, digital innovation, technology integrations and operations efficiencies. She is a published researcher in the fields of neuroscience and wound healing mechanisms, and is able to help you understand complex problems and the way forward to a workable solution. As a keynote speaker, Susan has presented her work on cities, technology and healthcare across the globe.


Passionate Change Maker & Entrepreneur.

In her government policy, research and business startups, Chapelle drives innovation and forward thinking through market research, customer engagement, and streamlined business systems.

Her clinic work has developed leading, evidence-informed and research proven treatments to help post-surgical patients with recovery. Her expertise in breast health and treatments have been taught globally, and published in peer-reviewed journals.

Chapelle is the founder of multiple companies that have led the innovation curve. She has helped global technology companies innovate medical charting, research and scheduling software.

Susan opened the first multidisciplinary clinic in Squamish, BC in 1999, and has been leading healthcare policy and development, as well as helping patients regain their health since 1987 when she became an RMT.

Aligned Collective was founded to help small businesses thrive in Squamish. It is designed as a space where people can work together across sectors to help each other thrive in turbulent economic times and for NFPs to gather to resolve social issues.

Susan's education has always revolved around community well-being. Her community economic development education from Simon Fraser University has informed many of her choices and led her to focus on scaling nascent industries that all have one thing in common: advocating for better access to health.


Curious, life-long learner, and scientific researcher

My curiosity has no bounds and I have celebrated being a life-long learner. My personal life and my experiences travelling the globe and learning from others have made it possible for me to share my wisdom; presenting my research findings as a Keynote speaker at major international conferences and facilitating workshops for healthcare providers and businesses.

As a researcher in the field of neurobiology, Susan has published extensively in the area of wound healing and mechanisms of manual therapy as a co-investigator with Dr. Geoffrey Bove, D.C, PhD at the University of New England. A National Institute of Medical Science grant to study mechanisms of post-operative adhesion formation has led to numerous publications on the mechanisms of adhesion formation and pain. 

She has published in numerous peer-reviewed journals, travelled the globe to present her research, and spoken on digital innovation, cannabis policy, psychedelic medicine, and smart cities.

She completed an Executive Master’s Degree in Business Administration (EMBA) at Simon Fraser University and holds a certificate from Simon Fraser University in Community Economic Development.

She is an IAP2 practitioner in public engagement and facilitation. Helping bring people's ideation across divides to find workable solutions.

As an entrepreneur and community advocate for over 30 years, Susan has scaled businesses in healthcare, technology, cannabis and psychedelics.

She became a therapist and scientific researcher in manual therapy, using her knowledge to help people regain their health.


Community Leader & Social Innovator

Susan is an advocate for healthy cities and was successful at moving the dial on access to rape kits for women in the province of BC. Her passion for evidence-informed policy and community economic development has continued to inform her advocacy.

As a two-term elected politician, she successfully lobbied for economic development and sustainability policy changes and for small business zoning to be addressed through the Official Community Plan.

"I was motivated to work in politics because of a desire to influence community decision-making. As an inventive leader and two-term elected politician, I've had the pleasure of influencing changes that brings healthcare to those who need advocacy".


“Susan’s approach to tackling problems is as rare as the individual herself. She operates effortlessly in multiple arenas - science, business, public service, education - to name a few. This, along with an incredible work ethic and a natural gift for building relationships, explains the success she’s had to this point, and will explain all of her future success.

– Advisor, Speaker & HR Executive, Matt Burns

Career Highlights

Education, Experience, Certifications & Licenses:

My Values

I'm passionate about helping others optimize their health and performance.

Everything I do is based on the core values of love, respect, wisdom, courage, honesty, humility, and truth. When I see my peers and patients struggling to make the tough decisions to do that one little bit better than yesterday, I use this love and passion for my career to help inspire and motivate patients to achieve pain-free movement.

My Story

I have been a healthcare advocate and practitioner for over 30 years. I have always integrated knowledge of the healthcare environment with my careers in politics, clinics, biotech and research. Access to treatments and knowledge and helping others understand the way our bodies and minds heal with input is the result of my lifelong experience with chronic illness. Having personally experienced the healthcare system, my passion for helping others overcome challenges, understand decision making options and see personal success has led many of my decisions. Entering politics to help plan urban environments with evidence informed decisions through healthcare data, opening clinics to help cancer patients with their recovery, access to cannabis and psychedelic medicine have all been personal choices to help others gain access to services that are known to help us heal. This includes preventative medicine, lobbying for access to Rape Kits across Canada, and utilizing smart technology to gain equitable access to healthcare for First Nations, women and differently abled.

My journey has empowered me to become a bold advocate for helping others and implementing solution-oriented thinking to all of the sectors I work in:

  • teaching mechanisms of wound healing and working across the globe to help healthcare providers understand the effects of their work and achieve better outcomes
  • training and supervising therapists around the world, including Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, and Naturopaths
  • Extensively publishing peer-reviewed literature so that others could benefit from my knowledge
  • Sharing my knowledge as a keynote speaker on digital innovation and smart cities technology
  • Advising global technology companies on the development of online platforms and scheduling solutions

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If you’re a patient who is going for surgery or in postoperative care, my treatments have been published and proven effective. I love working with breast, cancer and abdominal surgery patients to help regain pain-free function as soon as possible.

Post-Surgical Care Consultation Online

Are you going for surgery and require information about your treatment options and information about how to care for your tissue after your procedure? As a global expert in post-surgical care, I can act as an advocate, educator and integrator to ensure your recovery is the best it could possibly be. This appointment will point you in the correct direction for a good outcome, and give you valuable information that you will require while getting back to your daily activities.